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If you’re looking to become a recognised expert in your field of excellence, start with putting your thought leadership strategy together.

Thought Leadership has big benefits.  You’re recognised as an industry leader, and when people have a problem you’re the first name that comes to mind.

Earning a return on investment in thought leadership, you must:

  • Have the right alignment between you and your business positioning

  • Deliver value through your thought leadership content

  • Capture interest so you can build relationships

Comprehensive Thought Leadership Strategy Process includes a detailed review audit of you and your thought leadership field of excellence and a 2 Day Interactive Workshop.

"Well, what can I say – the pleasure was all mine. I always had my transformer plugged in, but you just turned the power on and gave me a good jolt of 240 volts. I love it." 

Graham, CEO, Sydney


For those that want to become an International Speaker, Award Winning Author, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Facilitator in their field of excellence.

To create a learning experience for thought leaders to develop their own personal brands and launch out into the world as the expert and authority in their field of excellence.

Unique Features

  • Success metrics for Thought Leadership excellence

  • Practical and pragmatic insights for Thought Leaders

  • Easy to use tips and tools

  • Hands-on application

  • Highly engaging and fully interactive

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn how to focus before you write your first word

  • Understand the “Why” behind writing your Thought Leadership piece

  • Gain all the confidence you need to succeed in writing your Thought Leadership piece

  • Receive all the assistance, planning, design, marketing, PR, plus many tips and tricks to help with your Thought Leadership piece

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners who want to be the authority in their market

  • People that want to have credibility in their market

  • Business owners that strive to be the best in their market and wish to be successful leaders in their field of excellence

  • Expert Consultants who are ready to put together their Thought Leadership piece from over 20 years in their field of excellence

  • Expert Partners and Directors in high end Tier 1 and 2 consulting firms who need to prepare their thought leadership ideas to their clients and prospects




Strategic Development

Develop the Foundation of your Thought Leadership through the creation of a strategic plan, including:

  • Thought Leadership Vision

  • Thought Leadership Mission

  • Thought Leadership Values

  • Thought Leadership Strategies

  • Design your Thought Leadership Philosophy

  • Understand who is your ideal client

  • Operational Plan with Project Plans + Action Plans





Discover how Thought Leaders are born from nothing

  • Learn how to think on your feet

  • Learn how to face your fears

  • Learn how articulate who you are

  • Uncover your storytelling abilities

  • Learn the art of vulnerability

  • Learn how to unveil yourself creatively

Uncover the thought leader within you

  • Brainstorming creativity session to answer the initial critical questions you have as a thought leader

  • Discover your passion as a writer

  • Understand what you would like to write about

Learn the 2 absolute secrets to writing success

  • Determine why there are 2 types of people and what they are

Learn how to express your thoughts

  • Brainstorm what your thought leadership will be about

  • Understand what makes a compelling story

  • Understand the different types of storytelling

Unveil your unique reader

  • Understand your audience

  • Discover who you are writing for

  • Create a profile of your reader that helps you write just for them

Uncover your style as a writer

  • Understand your style as a writer

  • Understand your readers style to ensure you speak their language

  • Uncover the 4 tones to choose from as a writer

  • Understand the 4 ways your reader processes inside their mind

  • Discover the 3 languages of your readers unconscious mind

  • Learn your own language and avoid the common pitfalls of thought leaders who only know how to speak their own language and eliminating 2/3 of their readers

Learn the psychology behind how to write

  • Uncover the quick and easy way to write effectively and efficiently so that you avoid it taking a lifetime

  • Learn the basic structure of development in 15 minutes

Discover the secret resources of thought leaders

  • Listening and learning session

  • Powerful tools to create your book

  • Discover the pros and cons of different tools

  • Learn the boring bits that are necessary including the legal stuff!

  • Receive a step-by-step guide of resources

Uncover the importance of research before you put pen to paper

  • Discover what words work best

  • Understand the importance of design

  • Research and understand what your cover should look like

  • Create your book cover brief for your designer

Discover the importance of everyday inspiration

  • Discover what inspires you

  • Brainstorm all types of inspirations

  • Learn the 20 secrets of inspiration

  • Learn the importance of creating a special writer’s nook

  • Create your writer’s nook inside your environment

  • Learn the 10 secrets to high productivity as a writer

  • Learn where to find images for your book

Learn how to put your first draft down

  • Identify what the 10 steps are for your first draft

  • Putting pen to paper!

Uncover the 16 secrets to marketing success

  • Listening and learning session

  • The importance of your front cover

  • The importance of your back cover

  • What your BIO and picture should look like

  • The importance of the ‘other’ internal pages of your book

Tips & Tricks of proofreading and editing to polish your work

  • Listening and learning session

  • Understand the importance of proofreading

  • Understand the importance of editing

  • Understand the importance of formatting

Taking your Thought Leadership to market

  • Listening and learning session

  • Learn how to finalise your book

  • Become a Number 1 Best Seller + Award Winning Author

  • Detailed administration steps of what you will be required to do like EIN, ISBN etc

Uncover your writing for maximum engagement

  • Listening and learning session

  • Learn how to create your tribe

  • Identify where your market is

  • Discover and understand why you need social media

  • Overview on the importance of Blogging, speaking events, LinkedIn groups, and networking

  • Writing Tips & Tricks + Templates provided

Looking back over the last 2 days

  • Determine where you are now

  • Determine how you move forward

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