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"WOW, what an amazing presence! 

You are the most authentic and

professional speaker I have ever seen."

Barbara Warren NIDA

Former Head of Corporate Performance

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"It was a great day all around and you brought the X-factor"

Katrena is a force of nature.  A powerful event energy.  Katrena is a massive hit at conferences and events as

Key Note Speaker.

"It was awesome to meet you!

You were so inspirational and as we said “ you could not, not listen to you”

and I loved your presentation."

From the time she hits the stage to the relationships formed afterward, her influence extends long into the future.

Katrena causes  change throughout people's minds with her thought provoking point of view.  Katrena may prove to be the best decision for your events.


"Katrena wins my vote for the most engaging and hilarious presentation of the conference. 

I’d love just a small jar of her energy for myself – her energy and passion is so infectious. 

business and she went through ten key areas that are required to be successful in and had everyone rank what were their strengths and what were their weaknesses 

which were the areas that are currently holding me back. 

Such a serious conversation intertwined with laughs and 

honest definitions of what each of the areas meant to our business."

Katrena also conducts high end corporate training, specialising in leadership management trainingsales trainingexecutive coaching and business mentoring to her many clients over the past 30 years.

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