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This workshop gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself. 

Teaching you about business, with the aim to discover through your own experience what it will take to ensure your success in business.


This interactive program will equip you with the ability to uncover your business plan and live an enriched life through your own business.


The program uses a variety of tools and techniques to develop an understanding of business.

It Incorporates:

  • Various Personal and Professional Transformation tools

  • Principles for your own Personal Renaissance

  • Master Mind Map of your Life

  • The Path to Higher Creativity for Business Success

  • Business Plan Development.

The program will improve your understanding of yourself and your journey to ensure you reach your full potential.

  • Understand what is your purpose?

  • Being aware of yourself and how others perceive you.

  • Understanding your barriers.

  • Adapting yourself to that of others and different situations.

  • Understand the Process of Business.

  • The characteristics of a good life for you.

  • Defining where you are now and what is your next step

  • Where do you want to be?

  • Your principles of success.

  • Preparation and structure.

  • Identifying the emotional forces that influence your process.

  • Build an effective Plan.

  • Identifying your key messages and themes.

  • Practicing techniques to feel more confident in dealing with others.




Personal Development

  • Self Leadership - Self Management (Your time management system)

  • Eye of the Owner

  • Locus of Control and Influence

  • Effective Characteristics for Success

  • Your 7 sources of power and authority

  • Communication Check in

  • Behavioural Styles for selling success (People Reading Guide + Creating full breath of behaviour)

  • Learn the language of the Unconscious Mind

  • Skills that contribute to success

  • Building a high performing team model of success

  • Your Emotional Intelligence will be the secret of your success

  • Exercising Influence for communication success

  • Developing your Personal Brand





  • Values Exercise - Do you know your recipe for happiness?

  • Strategic Planning (Vision, Mission, Values, Key Strategies/Goals/Objectives)

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Needs Analysis

  • Project Management, Operational Planning and Risk Management

  • Setting and Achieving your Goals using the SMART Formula

  • The importance of Creative Thinking and Innovation

  • Creating 90 Day Action Plans every 3 months



Putting it all together

Spend the day working in groups fully supervised (training, coaching, facilitating, brainstorming skills and expertise will be in the room, available to you throughout the day).  Walk away with a solid draft of the business plan and a full step by step operational plan for your business.


  • Marketing your Business

  • Plan your Finances and Maintain Financial Records

  • Customer Service Standards and processes

  • Develop a Sales Proposal

  • Develop your Work Priorities

  • Establish Networks and Build Relationships online and out in the real world

  • Managing a Team

  • Legal Issues

  • Undertake Business Planning

Essential Business Tools

  • How to get your administrative and design needs fulfilled quickly and at a fraction of the normal cost e.g. Logo design, database work, research, editing, proofing, sales and marketing materials.

  • Designing your website and online marketing strategy tips, tricks and recommendations.

BONUS FREE Resources

  • Free Meetings eBook including the Meetings Success Checklist

  • Free Business Writing Excellence eBook

  • Free Time Management eBook

  • Free Creativity ebook

  • Free Innovation ebook


  • Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring as and when you require it via the phone or email

  • Face to Face meetings available on request one on one as required

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