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It isn’t enough to simply provide the appropriate amounts of guidance and support for a given level of development, you must develop the competence and commitment of your high performers who are already self-motivated and not dependent on others for direction and guidance.


Measure | Analyse | Improve

Unique Features

  • Success Metrics for Leadership Excellence
  • Practical and Pragmatic Insights for Leadership Excellence
  • Real-life B2B and B2C application
  • Easy-to-use Tips and Tools
  • Hands-on Application
  • Highly Engaging and Fully Interactive

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand your Locus of Control and Influence
  • Find out the 5 Essential Characteristics for your Leadership Success
  • Identify how to give and receive feedback with elegance and sophistication
  • Develop your 5 levels of leadership
  • Pinpoint your 7 Sources of Authority and Power
  • Evaluate what influences yours and others behaviour
  • Understand how to Exercise Influence utilising the Influence Framework
  • Be aware of your behavioural style
  • Develop and expand to full breadth of behaviour to get results
  • Master the 4 languages of the unconscious mind for leadership excellence
  • Implement your development strategy moving forward

Maximizing your Potential and Enhancing your Performance


This professional development event aims to gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself and to equip you with practical skills to develop your own recipe for your leadership success.
This program has been developed for optimum personal and most importantly professional results.
This interactive program will equip you with the ability to uncover your next level of excellence and ensure you sit in the top 10% of the world’s population.
The program uses a variety of tools and techniques to develop an understanding of leadership excellence today. It incorporates various transformation tools and principles for your own personal and professional renaissance.
Designed to build and enhance your capabilities, to guarantee your future success.

Who Should Attend

High performing, self managing senior professionals and staff that are activated life long learners interested in taking their development to the next level.
Those people who have the entrepreneurial spirit who want to be even more successful both inside their organisations as well as outside their organisations.


Warm up



Determining your expectations

  • Identifying your past experience

  • Identifying your current challenges

  • Identifying your expectations for the next 2 days

  • Identifying your Personal Learning Objectives over the next 2 days



Improve through 3 Key Success Foundation Principals

  • Key Success Concept 1: Have you got the Eye of the Owner?

  • Key Success Concept 2: Determining you Locus of Control and Influence

  • Key Success Concept 3: Defining the 5 Essential Characteristics for your Success



Utilise Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success

  • Determine your Emotional Intelligence – Self-Assessment Quiz and Discussion

  • Measuring your Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills



Self Leadership Skills for Success

  • Determine your 7 Sources of Power and Authority

  • Linking your success to self-management and self-leadership

  • Determine how well we are at managing ourselves

  • The importance of consistency

  • Implications of not communicating within your processes and systems

  • The implications of not asking for help

  • The importance of managing expectations up, down and sideways in your organisation

  • Working under pressure and what happens to our communication when we get stressed

  • The implications of working with “limited resources”



Communicating with Impact

  • Communication Mastery Checklist – Self-Assessment Quiz

  • Determine your 4 sources of Communication Success (Active Listening, Self Assertion, Ease of Expression and Flexibility/Diplomacy)



Communication Psychology

  • Identify the key characteristics of a client focused leader

  • Find out why people behave the way they do?

  • What causes one reaction in one person and a completely different reaction in another?

  • What influences a person’s behaviour?

  • Why is most behaviour predictable?

  • What part does perception play?

  • Self-Assessment - Behavioural Style Questionnaire



Reading Others

  • What is your Language?

  • Understanding the language of others

  • Identify and develop full breadth of behaviour



Developing your Personal Brand

  • Self-Assessment Exercise: Being the CEO of

  • Do a personal audit (Determine your values, your future goals, what strengths do you have?)

  • Look at your skills set.

  • Does your role align with your personal values?

  • What sets you apart? How do others perceive you? What do people say about you?

  • What is your personal manner? (Determine your self-confidence level, your way of talking, your manners and your social skills)

  • Look at your image and other non-verbal communication (your tone of voice, way of talking, eye contact, body language and the way you develop relationships at work)

  • Being Yourself



Succeeding in any environment

  • Determine your Cycle of Service

  • 21 Essential Skills that Contribute to Success in any Work Environment

  • Enhancing Team Work

  • 10 Key Responsibilities for Success

  • The Delegation Process – Getting it right

  • Checklist of important things you need to consider when building your high performing teams

  • Checklist of Team Excellence

  • How to Exercise Influence

  • The Importance of and how to run a Meeting Successfully

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