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Guarantee your High Performance

Get results through professional development

“I learnt more in 2 days about myself and my business than I have in the last 20 years as a leader”

Tier 1 Accounting Firm Director, Consulting Division

Unique Features

  • Success Metrics for Management Excellence

  • Practical and Pragmatic Insights for Management Excellence

  • Real-life B2B and B2C application

  • Easy-to-use Tips and Tools

  • Hands-on Application

  • Highly Engaging and Fully Interactive

Benefits of Attending

  • Discover what it means to have the Eye of the Owner

  • Understand your Locus of Control and Influence

  • Find out the 5 Essential Characteristics for management success

  • Identify how to give and receive feedback to improve performance

  • The Art of Delegation

  • Develop your 5 levels of Leadership

  • Pinpoint your 7 Sources of Authority and Power

  • Evaluate what influences yours and others behaviour

  • Understand how to Exercise Influence utilising the Influence Framework

  • Be aware of your behavioural style and the impact it has on morale

  • Develop and expand to full breadth of behaviour to get results

  • Master the 4 languages for communication excellence

  • Learn Executive Time Management tips to help you get things done

  • Implement your development strategy moving forward

Maximizing your Potential and Enhancing your Performance


This exclusive executive professional development event aims to gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself and to equip you with practical skills to develop your recipe for success in today’s changing world.


This program has been developed for optimum personal and most importantly professional results.


This interactive program will equip you with the ability to uncover your next level of excellence and ensure you sit in the top 10% of the world’s population.


The program uses a variety of tools and techniques to develop an understanding of excellence today. It incorporates various transformation tools and principles for your own personal and professional renaissance.


Designed to guarantee your future success.

Who Should Attend

High performing, self managing people that are activated life long learners interested in taking their development to the next level.


Aspiring business leaders who want to be more successful.

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Skills & Performance Development

  • Business Issues Management

  • Business Planning

I look forward to working together to deliver the most ideal business management training and develop your business skills, understanding and confidence.


My personal aim is to help create your vision of business success and fast track that process.

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