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"Matrix Therapies is the most advanced, effective and profound therapeutic tool on the planet."

Matrix Therapies® is a set of profound personal development and coaching tools that allow you to transform even the most stubborn and difficult problems,while getting measurable results within a specific time frame.

With Matrix Therapies® you can clear the negative influences of people and events in the past, so that you can have greater success, happiness and reach more of your human potential. Often interactions with particular people can create negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions in the unconscious mind that limit success. This in turn effects confidence, attitude, behaviour and therefore results. Matrix Therapies® allows you to let go of these influences, access new resources and move forward. Matrix Therapies® gives you a deep sense of resolution, a profound understanding of yourself and others, as well as, creative resources that allows you to access the genius within.

Some of the techniques included:

  1. Clearing Negative Emotions and Beliefs

  2. Clearing Negative Programming / Influences

  3. Inner Child Work

  4. Free-Fall within the Matrix

  5. Clearing Grief

  6. Dream Analysis

  7. Symbolic Parts Integration

  8. Archetypal Parts Integration

  9. Clearing Anxiety and Stress

  10. Resolving Shyness and Low Self-Esteem

  11. Goal Evolution

  12. Hot Seating Archetypes

  13. Matrix Archetypal Download

The above suite of processes are to remove baggage, before we start the coaching process which is:

  • Setting a goals (Based on exercises outlined in my book Refresh your Life, a special goal setting process to move beyond what you don't want and into knowing what you do want.

  • Understanding what is the current reality, obstacles and any resistance (We found after doing Matrix Therapies and clearing the past there is no further resistance).

  • Plans and actions to move forward.

We also have assessments to complete such as:

  • Communication Effectiveness Profile for Communication Mastery

  • Emotional Intelligence Style Profile

  • Behavioural Style Profiling

  • Learning Style Profile for self and managing others effectively

  • Leadership Effectiveness Profile

  • Management Effectiveness Profile

  • Personal Effectiveness Profile

  • Situational Leadership Style Profile

  • Team Effectiveness Profile

  • Exercising Influence Self Assessment

More Information on Neuro Psychotherapy

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